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Cumberland County

Cumberland County Coordinator
Cindy King -

Cindy King is a wife, mother, teacher, speaker, and writer. She holds a bachelor’s in elementary and special education and a master’s in human services counseling with a specialization in parenting and child development. Always learning and attending conferences on trauma-related issues, she also holds a certification in Trauma-informed Care through the Post Institute.


She is fueled by her love for Jesus, her desire to live a life of sacrifice modeled after Christ’s life on Earth, and ridiculous amounts of chai, ice cream, and laughter. She teaches first grade at Kingdom Classical Academy, collaborating with families as they homeschool their children. Passionate about her family, foster care, adoption, supporting at-risk families, and creating trauma-informed spaces for struggling children, she speaks at retreats, conferences, and workshops and leads support groups and trainings for the foster care and adoption communities. She found her voice through the joys and struggles of being mother to 9 children, 4 of whom came into the home through foster care and adoption. Cindy and her husband, John, live in Mechanicsburg with the children who have not yet grown and flown and where they always enjoy making more memories with their children, daughters in-law, son-in-law, and 2 grandsons.

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